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The average shopper misses out on over $200 a year in credit card rewards by using the wrong cards in their wallet.

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Here's how Birch works...

Connect your bank accounts

Easy and secure. Simply log in with your bank credentials. No card or account numbers necessary.

Understand Your Spending

Birch provides personalized spending trends and rewards analytics for over 200 credit cards.

Get actionable insights

See where you missed out on rewards, track spending trends, and manage your recurring subscriptions.

Here's what Birch can do...

Find where you miss out on credit card rewards

Birch groups your transactions into categories and shows you which card to use to earn the most rewards. Each week, we’ll send a list of the categories you missed so you can spend smarter.

Detect your recurring subscriptions

Birch finds your subscriptions and shows you a calendar so you’re never surprised by a recurring payment. See upcoming payments and total spent over time so you know what you’re paying for.

Recommend credit cards based on your spending history

Choosing a new credit card can be daunting. Birch analyzes your transactions and recommends credit cards that will get you the most rewards without changing your spending.

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Here's what people are saying...

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"My takeaway from watching Birch calculate rewards is that they really add up. As of right now, I'm missing out on $1,142.77 worth of rewards."

"Among deciduous hardwoods, birch is a standout.
It’s also a standout credit card tracker."

"The theory is that if users are efficient enough, they can easily rack up enough points for free flights and other rewards that they can take advantage of by slightly tweaking their spending habits."

"The app is awesome for managing your rewards cards, but it’s also useful if you haven’t yet gotten into the credit card rewards game."

"Some people are able to keep it all straight in their heads, but for those of you that need a little bit of extra help, there’s now have a great solution at your hands!"

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Bank-Level Security

Birch uses end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption. It’s the same security banks use to protect your data.

Security is our primary concern. We never store any bank account credentials and your data is highly secured.

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